“Continuous improvement: right combination of leadership skills, process and innovation”

Sustainable improvement to a robust organization

As a consultancy and training organization Symbol assists organizations in achieving demonstrable results. Symbol achieves this by translating strategy into a concrete implementation plan, conducting and coaching projects and transferring knowledge. According to Symbol it is essential that improvement projects are supported and secured in the organization. In other words, the improvements made must be sustainable also after the consultant has left.

Pragmatic consultancy and focus on results

Symbol supports eliminating activities that do not add value by being critical to all business processes. Besides a safe working environment, the focus is on improving quality, shorten lead times and as a result of this reducing costs. Symbol operates from a high level of experience and knowledge, but the approach is above all very pragmatic. Read more >>

In improving processes Symbol makes use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. These tools have proven themselves in practice and deliver demonstrable results.


Lean tries to make the value stream in an organization as large as possible. This means that as much time and money as possible is spent to add value for a customer. For each activity the question is: “Does the customer want to pay for this?” Everything that is of no value to a customer is basically be considered as waste and should be eliminated as much as possible.

Six Sigma

The purpose of Six Sigma is to reduce variation in processes. This optimizes the chance that a product or service is in line with the customers’ expectations. In this way the number of defective products, and hence the costs of failure, can be reduced enormously. Lean and Six Sigma are complementary to each other and are, therefore, used in conjunction. The way one looks from a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) perspective to an organization differs significantly from the traditional way. The traditional way:

  • Focus on cost savings
  • Focus on average
  • Focus on solving problems
  • Focus on own organization
  • Hierarchical and department oriented
  • Products and services
  • Decisions based on feelings

The LSS-way:

  • Elimination of waste
  • Elimination of variation
  • Prevention of errors
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Educated work force
  • Focus on processes
  • Decisions bases on facts.


We consider aspects such as quality, efficiency and innovation to be of increasing importance next years. Organizations which implement quality management effectively, perform significantly better. They have a better understanding of business operations, lower costs, more satisfied customers and employees, fewer complaints, are more competitive and have a better profitability. Your management system is the basis to create a structure within your organization. Previously often a bureaucratic and department-based system, aimed at controlling. Nowadays a practical process-oriented system focused on continuous improvement and the controlling of processes. Read more >>

Symbol enhances the competitiveness and efficiency of organizations by providing advice and training in the areas of organizational development, process improvement, quality management and change management.


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